Whisky, Whiskey, and Whsky

LV WHSKY is now LVW (Lehigh Valley Whisky). I’ve reinstated the vowels and changed the name in order to provide clarity in the confusion with Las Vegas Whisky (check out his blog, btw). Rather than copy all previous posts into the new blog, I thought I’d start off post #1 with links to them all. Read on…

#1 TH PRBLM WTH WHSKY, in which our bumbling narrator introduces himself

#2 TAKING THE FLAC, in which the matter of the world’s best whisky remains decidedly unresolved

#3 INDEPENDENTS DAY, in which a confused Brit recommends a handful of craft whiskeys

#4 REVIEW: OLD GRAND DAD 114, in which a hapless Yorkshireman reviews a bottle of Bourbon

#5 DISTILLERY FOCUS: PORT CHARLOTTE, in which a crazy fool profiles a non-existent distillery

#6 LET’S TALK ABOUT RUM, in which a sunburned newlywed talks about rum

#7 WHSKY COCKTAILS AND THE MODERN MAN, in which a grown man feels the need to justify his summer-lovin’ cocktail-drinking habit

#8 IN A GLASS OF ITS OWN, in which the matter of appropriate glassware is contemplated

#9 BLOODY MURDER, in which writer’s block takes hold and things get messy

It’s now been four months since my last post, which is bloody ridiculous. However, with a renewed sense of vigour I’m intended to be a bit more regular in my writing so look out for more updates soon.

DRINK: Balcones Texas Single Malt
LISTEN: Pete Davis – The Pottsville Conglomerate